Powder coating and Liquid

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We offer two types of paint: electrostatic powder paint (powder coating) and liquid paint.

Electrostatic powder paint
For long-lasting, hard-wearing paint, powder paint(also called thermosetting paint) is a winning choice. Our equipment, which includes an automated cleaning and painting line, allows us to offer an irreproachable quality of paint for the parts we manufacture. Several colors are also available, allowing you to distinguish and customize the pieces according to your needs.

In a more exhaustive way, the advantages of powder paint are :

-It offers a thicker layer of paint, without streaking or running ;
-It allows the production of a wide range of effects impossible to achieve with liquid paint ;
-It can be recycled by reusing any excess, which makes it more economical and ecological ;
-It produces less hazardous pollutants than traditional paint ;
-It offers a more even finish ;
-It is more resistant to scratches ;
-It offers better protection against corrosion ;
-It produces almost zero volatile organic matter (VOM).

Liquid paint
For larger parts, a liquid paint could be more
preferable for its greater ease of application and the cost savings it can represent. Although we prioritize powder painting for all its qualities, we are also able to offer, at the same level of quality, liquid paint.

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